About LogCheck Online

After a trip to the workshop for a routine service, the mechanic had forgotten to record the service in the logbook. The realization had dawned that the service and many others could potentially be lost forever. Sure, there was a paper invoice that was provided, however that could easily be damaged or lost over the years too!

In a world that has gone digital, surely something as important as servicing records and invoices should be stored in a safer place.

That’s when the idea for LogCheck Online was born! LogCheck Online solves all of these problems by storing your service records and invoices in the one place. Now you can easily see what work has been done to your car through mechanic notes, download invoices, as well as plan your future services, all at the touch of a button (or screen)!

Don’t worry anymore about reminding the mechanic to stamp your logbook or trying to explain what your car needs at the next service, simply check it on Logcheck Online.

Best of all, it’s free!
LogCheck Online